February 28, 2023


Tiny gray house being help in the palm of a women’s hands with a key and a office clipboard beneath. “Homestead Reminder” in purple header

I want to remind you that if your new home is your primary residence, you may be eligible to Homestead your property.  What does that mean??  Well, according to the Hillsborough Property Appraiser…

“In the state of Florida, the homestead exemption is a constitutional benefit of up to $50,000 exemption from the property’s assessed value. It’s granted to homeowners who make their property their permanent home on January 1st of the taxable year and results in significant savings annually for primary residence homes. Also, homestead exemption qualifies a homeowner for the 3% Cap Save our Homes (SOH)”

This can add up to significant cost savings for you, the home owner.

Deadline to apply is MARCH 1ST, 2023

Don’t wait though – once you’ve received your DEED in the mail – it’s easy to do and if you do it now, you won’t forget come next year!

To find out more or apply online, follow the below links for the county you live in:

Hillsborough County:

Pinellas County:

Pasco County:

Hernando County: